John Magnus Roos

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Traits and Transports: The Effects of Personality on the Choice of Urban Transport Modes

John Magnus Roos, Frances Sprei, Ulrika Holmberg
Applied Sciences (Switzerland). Vol. 12 (3)
Journal article

Mapping the Relationship Between Hedonic Capacity and Online Shopping

John Magnus Roos
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. Vol. 1183, p. 604-611
Paper in proceeding

Sociodemography, Geography, and Personality as Determinants of Car Driving and Use of Public Transportation

John Magnus Roos, Frances Sprei, Ulrika Holmberg
Behavioral Sciences. Vol. 10 (6)
Journal article

Personality and E-shopping: Insights from a Nationally Representative Study

John Magnus Roos
Communications in Computer and Information Science. Vol. 1038 CCIS, p. 257-267
Paper in proceeding

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