Silvia Ruffieux

Doctoral Student at Quantum Device Physics

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Properties of grooved Dayem bridge based YBa2Cu3 O 7 - δ superconducting quantum interference devices and magnetometers

Edoardo Trabaldo, Silvia Ruffieux, Eric Andersson et al
Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 116 (13)
Journal article

On-scalp MEG sensor localization using magnetic dipole-like coils: A method for highly accurate co-registration

Christoph Pfeiffer, Silvia Ruffieux, Lau M. Andersen et al
NeuroImage. Vol. 212
Journal article

The role of kinetic inductance on the performance of YBCO SQUID magnetometers

Silvia Ruffieux, Alexei Kalaboukhov, Minshu Xie et al
Superconductor Science and Technology. Vol. 33 (2)
Journal article

Magnetic field sensing with the kinetic inductance of a high-Tc superconductor

V. Vesterinen, Silvia Ruffieux, Alexei Kalaboukhov et al
AIP Advances. Vol. 9 (4)
Journal article

Feedback solutions for low crosstalk in dense arrays of high-T-c SQUIDs for on-scalp MEG

Silvia Ruffieux, Minshu Xie, Maxim Chukharkin Leonidovich et al
Superconductor Science and Technology. Vol. 30 (5), p. art. nr 054006-
Journal article

Similarities and differences between on-scalp and conventional in-helmet magnetoencephalography recordings

L.M. Andersen, R. Oostenveld, Christoph Pfeiffer et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 12 (7), p. Article no e0178602 -
Journal article

Improved coupling of nanowire-based high-T-c SQUID magnetometers-simulations and experiments

Minshu Xie, Maxim Chukharkin Leonidovich, Silvia Ruffieux et al
Superconductor Science and Technology. Vol. 30 (11)
Journal article

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