Shaswati Chowdhury

Doctoral Student at GeoEngineering

Shaswati works mainly within the scope of the project ‘Opportunities for preparing urban contaminated land for bio-based production’, which is a collaboration between the research group of DIVISUAL of the Division of Urban Design and Planning and the research group Environmental Geology –Land and Water Resources. The research project is transdisciplinary and the aim is to investigate the possibilities and preconditions for preparing urban brownfields for temporary and long-term urban bio-based production.

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Greening the Browns: A Bio-Based Land Use Framework for Analysing the Potential of Urban Brownfields in an Urban Circular Economy

Shaswati Chowdhury, Jaan-Henrik Kain, Marco Adelfio et al
Sustainability. Vol. 12 (15)
Journal article

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Opportunities for preparing urban contaminated land for bio-based production

Jenny Norrman GeoEngineering
Yevheniya Volchko GeoEngineering
Shaswati Chowdhury GeoEngineering
Jaan-Henrik Kain Urban Design and Planning
Marco Adelfio Urban Design and Planning

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