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Practices supporting knowledge transfer - an analysis of lean product development

Ludvig Lindlöf, Björn Söderberg, Magnus Persson
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Vol. 26 (12), p. 1128-1135
Journal article

With or Without Lean – Visual Planning in Product Development

Björn Söderberg, Lise Aaboen
The R&D Management Conference 2012, May 23-25, Grenoble, France., p. 52-
Paper in proceedings

The early stage of implementing lean concepts into product development practice

Björn Söderberg, Lise Aaboen, Lars Trygg
19th International Product Development Management Conference, June 18-19, Manchester, UK, p. 229-
Paper in proceedings

Pros and cons of lean visual planning: experiences from four product development organisations

Ludvig Lindlöf, Björn Söderberg
International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning. Vol. 7 (3/2011), p. 269-279
Journal article

Lean Visual Planning and Product Development Complexity: Facilitating Information Processing Capability

Björn Söderberg, Ludvig Alfredson
18th International Product Development Conference "Innovate through design", June 5-7, Delft, The Netherlands
Paper in proceedings

Pros and Cons of Lean Visual Planning: Experiences from Three Product Development Organizations

Ludvig Alfredson, Björn Söderberg
The R&D Management Conference 2011 - R&D, Sustainability and Innovation, Norrköping, Sweden
Paper in proceedings

Product Development Management

Ludvig Lindlöf, Björn Söderberg, Azadeh Fazl Mashhadi et al
Entering the Tigers Cave
Book chapter

Knowledge transfer - The Lean Product Development Perspective

Ludvig Alfredson, Björn Söderberg, Magnus Persson
17th International Product Development Conference "The innovation in crisis time", June 14-15, Murcia, Spain.
Paper in proceedings

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