Sophy Sapan Longe Olsson

Koordinator at Department of Architecture, Building Design

Trained as an interior designer and has taken the degree of Master Design for Sustainable Development at Chalmers, Sophy Longe Olsson believes that: Design can create a better life. Design focused for people is an important pillar symbolizing her design values. In her thesis discusses some of the evidence-based design and person-centred care. Sophy wants to improve the quality of healthcare by using research to support design and merging it with deep understanding of the problems and realities of the people she is designing for. The project focuses on how to create a healing environment that could be implemented in Östra Hospital, Gothenburg. Since 2014 Sophy is working as a coordinator at the Centre for Healthcare Architecture, CVA. She works primarily with internal and external communication within CVA, including web, graphic production, organizes seminars and theme days.




Enpatientrum i Sverige. Sammanställd utvärdering av ett antal genomförda projekt

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