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Interactions between Ideas and Behaviour in Organizations

Magnus Marmgren, Sverker Alänge, Stefan Book
Quality Innovation Prosperity. Vol. 20 (2), p. 185-207
Journal article

Sustainable governance – setting direction and inspiring change in a city development corporation

Stefan Book, Magnus Marmgren, Björn Gustafsson
18th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation, Köpenhamn, Denmark, 3th – 4th November 2014 (2014)
Paper in proceeding

Understanding Management Systems: a test of a conceptual framework

Magnus Marmgren, Sverker Alänge, Stefan Book
15th International QMOD Conference, 6-9 September, Poznan, Poland, p. 1-15
Paper in proceeding

On organizing for quality management

Stefan Book
Licentiate thesis

Quality Management from a Company Development Perspective - The complexity of a change process

Stefan Book, Sverker Alänge, Barry Solly
Proceedings of the 7th International QMOD Conference ‘Management Challenge of the New Millenium’ in Monterrey, Mexico, August 4-6, 2004, p. 57-70
Other conference contribution

Perceptions of Improvement Work in Swedish Health Care: Implications for Improvement Practices.

Stefan Book, Andreas Hellström, Jesper Olsson
Quality Management in Health Care. Vol. 12 (4), p. 217-224
Magazine article

Process Analysis in an Academic Environment

Sverker Alänge, Stefan Book
Park Dahlgaard, S.M. and Dahlgard, J.J. eds. (2001), Building People and Organisational Excellence: Proceeding of the 4th International QMOD Conference, September 12-14, 2001 in Linköping, Sweden, p. 124-131
Paper in proceeding

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