Kumar Babu Surreddi

Associate Professor in Materials Technology, Dalarna University, Falun, Sweden. PhD in Materials Science from Germany and Postdoc from Chalmers University of Technology Sweden and Lund University, Sweden.

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Solidification of alloy 718, ati 718Plus® and waspaloy

Joel Håkan Andersson, S. Raza, A. Eliasson et al
8th International Symposium on Superalloy 718 and Derivatives 2014; Pittsburgh; United States; 28 September 2014 through 1 October 2014, p. 181-192
Paper in proceedings

Deformation at ambient and high temperature of in situ Laves phases-ferrite composites

P. Donnadieu, C. Pohlmann, S. Scudino et al
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials. Vol. 15 (3)
Journal article

Investigation of Low Temperature Creep Behaviour of PM Steels

Maheswaran Vattur Sundaram, Henrik Karlsson, Kumar Babu Surreddi et al
Powder Metallurgy Progress. Vol. 14 (2), p. 67-72
Journal article

Microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-12Si produced by selective laser melting: Effect of heat treatment

K.G. Prashanth, S. Scudino, H.J. Klauß et al
Materials Science & Engineering A: Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing. Vol. 590, p. 153-160
Journal article

Effect of Heat Treatment on Chip Formation in a Case Hardening Steel

Kumar Babu Surreddi, Karin Björkeborn, Uta Klement
Journal of Materials and Chemical Engineering. Vol. 1 (1), p. 1-7
Journal article

Production of Porous NiTi Bulk Shape Memory Alloy by Starch Consolidation and Sintering of Pre-Alloyed Powder

Kumar Babu Surreddi, Lars Nyborg, Robin Bengtsson
Euro PM2013 Proceedings - PM Biomaterials. Vol. 3, p. 271-276
Paper in proceedings

Low Temperature Creep Behavior of PM Components Under Static Load Conditions

Kumar Babu Surreddi, Maheswaran Vattur Sundaram, Eduard Hryha et al
Proceedings of Euro PM2013. Vol. 3, p. 349-354
Paper in proceedings

Structural and Mechanical Characterization of Zr 58.5Ti 8.2Cu 14.2Ni 11.4Al 7.7 Bulk Metallic Glass

K.G. Prashanth, S. Scudino, M.S. Khoshkhoo et al
Materials. Vol. 5 (1), p. 1-11
Journal article

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Sintered parts with high static loading capacity - effect of tempering on deformation stability in use

Lars Nyborg Materials and Manufacturing Technology
Maheswaran Vattur Sundaram Surface and Microstructure Engineering
Kumar Babu Surreddi Surface and Microstructure Engineering
Eduard Hryha Surface and Microstructure Engineering

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