Maria Carmen Toribio Perez

Senior Research Engineer at Onsala Space Observatory

Carmen Toribio is the head of the Nordic ALMA Regional Center at the Onsala Space observatory. Her main duty is to support astronomers in using ALMA, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array. She also has large experience with LOFAR and other radio telescopes. Her research is mainly focused on the study of the cold gas in galaxies from observations in the radio wavelengths.

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A puzzling non-detection of [O III] and [C II] from a z ≈ 7.7 galaxy observed with ALMA

C. Binggeli, A. K. Inoue, T. Hashimoto et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 646
Journal article

Searching for the largest bound atoms in space

K. L. Emig, P. Salas, F. de Gasperin et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 634
Journal article

LOFAR 144-MHz follow-up observations of GW170817

J. W. Broderick, T. W. Shimwell, K. Gourdji et al
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Vol. 494 (4), p. 5110-5117
Journal article

A LOFAR observation of ionospheric scintillation from two simultaneous travelling ionospheric disturbances

Richard A. Fallows, Biagio Forte, Ivan Astin et al
Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate. Vol. 10
Journal article

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