Linus Wågström

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A method for predicting crash configurations using counterfactual simulations and real-world data

Alexandros Leledakis, M. Lindman, Jonas Östh et al
Accident Analysis and Prevention. Vol. 150
Journal article

VIRTUAL - a European approach to foster the uptake of virtual testing in vehicle safety assessment

Astrid Linder, Ragnhild J. Davidse, Johan Iraeus et al
Proceedings of 8th Transport Research Arena TRA 2020
Paper in proceeding

Integrated Safety: Establishing Links for a comprehensive virtual tool chain

Linus Wågström, Alexandros Leledakis, Jonas Östh et al
26th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV)
Paper in proceeding

Adaptive structure concept for reduced crash pulse severity in frontal collisions

Linus Wågström
International Journal of Crashworthiness
Journal article

A methodology for improving structural robustness in frontal car-to-car crash scenarios

Linus Wågström, A. Kling, Hans Norin et al
International Journal of Crashworthiness. Vol. 18 (4), p. 385-396
Journal article

Car-Car Testing to Establish Compatibility Characteristics

Peter Sandqvist, Robert Thomson, Anders Kling et al
International Conference on Crashworthiness
Paper in proceeding

Structural adaptivity in frontal collisions: implications on crash pulse characteristics

Linus Wågström, R. Thomson, B. Pipkorn
International Journal of Crashworthiness. Vol. 10 (4), p. 371-378
Journal article

Structural adaptivity for acceleration level reduction in passenger car frontal collisions

Linus Wågström, Robert Thomson, Bengt Pipkorn
International Journal of Crashworthiness. Vol. 9 (2), p. 121-127
Journal article

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Active human body models for virtual occupant response (A-HBM), step 4

Johan Davidsson Vehicle Safety
Linus Wågström SAFER, The Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre

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