Victor Eriksson

Doctoral Student at Supply and Operations Management
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Embeddedness in permanent and temporary networks: organising construction transport in dense cities

Victor Eriksson, Viktoria Sundquist
Conference contribution

Improving transport performance in supply networks: effects of (non)overlapping network horizons

Victor Eriksson, Kajsa Hulthén, Ann-Charlott Pedersen
Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Transport Efficiency: Analysing the Transport Service Triad

Victor Eriksson
Licentiate thesis

The transport service triad: a key unit of analysis

Dan Andersson, Anna Dubois, Victor Eriksson et al
Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. Vol. 34 (1), p. 253-266
Journal article

Transport efficiency in supply networks: The impact of network horizons and network contexts

Victor Eriksson, Kajsa Hulthén, Ann-Charlott Pedersen
Conference contribution

Logistikens roll i effektiva byggprocesser

Kajsa Hulthén, Viktoria Sundquist, Lars-Erik Gadde et al
Report - The Swedish Construction Federation

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The role of logistics in efficient construction processes

Kajsa Hulthén Supply and Operations Management
Viktoria Sundquist Construction Management
Lars-Erik Gadde Supply and Operations Management
Victor Eriksson Supply and Operations Management
Swedish Construction Federation

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