Viktor Stenberg

Doctoral Student at Energy Technology 3

Viktor is working with fluidized bed technology for a new method for generation and transfer of heat to endothermic processes such as hydrogen production by steam reformation. An alternative process layout applying OCAC (Oxygen Carrier Aided Combustion) with heat exchange with reformation tubes in a fluidized bed (FBHE) is evaluated as well as integration with Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC). The work is constituted by simulation of the process as a whole and lab-scale experiments.

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Techno-economic analysis of H<inf>2</inf> production processes using fluidized bed heat exchangers with steam reforming – Part 1: Oxygen carrier aided combustion

Viktor Stenberg, Vincenzo Spallina, Tobias Mattisson et al
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Vol. 45 (11), p. 6059-6081
Journal article

Improved Gas-Solids Mass Transfer in Fluidized Beds: Confined Fluidization in Chemical-Looping Combustion

Jesper Aronsson, Ewa Krymarys, Viktor Stenberg et al
Energy & Fuels. Vol. 33 (5), p. 4442-4453
Journal article

Evaluation of bed-to-tube surface heat transfer coefficient for a horizontal tube in bubbling fluidized bed at high temperature

Viktor Stenberg, Viktor Sköldberg, Lovisa Öhrby et al
Powder Technology
Journal article

Exploring novel hydrogen production processes by integration of steam methane reforming with chemical-looping combustion (CLC-SMR) and oxygen carrier aided combustion (OCAC-SMR)

Viktor Stenberg, Magnus Rydén, Tobias Mattisson et al
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control. Vol. 74, p. 28-39
Journal article

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