Angelica Wågström

Doctoral Student at Science, Technology and Society

Angelica Wågström is a PhD student at the division for Science, Technology and Society. Her research investigates sustainable energy transition from a social perspective, focusing on care work. Influencing theories are situated within energy humanities, feminist political ecology, and environmental sciences. Her background is in environmental sciences and human ecology. Courses:Angelica is teacher in and course coordinator of Digitalisation in a Sustainable Society (TEK735/DIT196) and teacher in Social innovation and social entrepreneurship (TEK237).

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History, Education of Desire and the Creation of New Energy Worlds

Kristoffer Ekberg, Angelica Wågström
Environment and History. Vol. 29 (1), p. 5-9
Other text in scientific journal

Masculinisation and Isolation of the Swedish Anti-Nuclear Movement After 1980: A Call for Environmentalists to Learn from the Past

Angelica Wågström
Palgrave Studies in the History of Science and Technology, p. 247-267
Book chapter

Going Forth with Gusto and Grace

Paul Pulé, Martin Hultman, Angelica Wågström
Men, Masculinities, and Earth , p. 587-639
Book chapter

Discussions at the Table

Paul Pulé, Martin Hultman, Angelica Wågström
Men, Masculinities, and Earth, p. 17-101
Book chapter

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