Going Forth with Gusto and Grace
Book chapter, 2021

Crafted as “dessert,” this chapter summarises the “dinner party” conversation that has served as a response to the social and ecological problems of our times, with a particular focus on men, masculinities, and Earth. Here, we note the importance of a collaborative approach to developments in this academic field and its pluralised praxes. We revisit the three principle motivators for hosting this conversation; firstly, to expand the bounds of collaborations on masculinities and environmental issues; secondly, to provide a constructive response to recent historical developments on both social and environmental fronts; thirdly, to summarise the collaborative and complementary perspectives (and their accompanying knowledges) that can be considered the latest developments in ecological masculinities. We also suggest six paths forwards for future research and praxes noting the importance of: tackling alarming contemporary global trends frontally; addressing these problems personally, politically, and glocally; recognising intersectional analyses that stretch our view beyond Global Northern constructs; ensuring that those who are traditionally marginalised are heard, take leadership, are backed to do so, and are welcomed to hold the ecological masculinities discourse accountable, giving particular attention to queer ecologies; encouraging fresh research on masculine ecologisation; supporting Earth Rights. These six forward-facing themes represent areas of current and future development in ecological masculinities that are (at the time of this writing) the most influential in shaping the growth and development of this conversation.

(Voice of the) voiceless

Earth Rights


Post-colonial studies

Global trends


Masculine ecologisation



De-colonial studies

Queer ecologies


Global North

Ecological masculinities

Dinner party

Masculine hegemonisation


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