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Applicability of in vitro models in prediciting the in vivo bioavailability of lycopene and beta-carotene from differently processed soups

Marie Alminger, Cecilia Svelander, Anna Wellner et al
Food and Nutrition Sciences. Vol. 3 (4), p. 477-489
Journal article

Changes in carotenoid concentration in human postprandial chylomicrons and antioxidant effect in HepG2 caused by differently processed fruit and vegetable soups.

M. Sanchez-Campillo, E. Larque, D. Gonzalez-Silvera et al
Food Chemistry. Vol. 133 (1), p. 38-44
Journal article

Effect of the consumption of a fruit and vegetable soup with high in vitro carotenoid accessibility on serum carotenoid concentrations and markers of oxidative stress in young men

Rebeca Martinez-Tomas, E. Larque, D. Gonzalez-Silvera et al
European Journal of Nutrition. Vol. 51 (2), p. 231-239
Journal article

Cell-Based Assay To Quantify the Antioxidant Effect of Food-Derived Carotenoids Enriched in Postprandial Human Chylomicrons

M. Sanchez-Campillo, F. Perez-Llamas, D. Gonzalez-Silvera et al
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Vol. 58 (20), p. 10864-10868
Journal article

Controlling the nutrient profile of fruits and vegetables during prolonged storage prior to processing

Jim Robertson, Marie Alminger, Cecilia Svelander et al
5th International Technical Symposium on Food Processing, Monitoring Technology in Bioprocesses and Food Quality Management, p. 337-342
Paper in proceeding

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