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Efficiency effects of information on operational disruption management in port hinterland freight transport: simulation of a Swedish dry port case

Per Wide, Lokesh Kumar Kalahasthi, Violeta Roso
International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications. Vol. In press
Journal article

Operational Coordination in Intermodal Hinterland Transport as Support for Managing Operational Disruptions – An Information Processing Perspective

Per Wide, Dan Andersson, Violeta Roso
Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal. Vol. 14 (4), p. 507-519
Journal article

Information on Resource Utilisation for Operational Planning in Port Hinterland Transport

Per Wide, Violeta Roso
Transactions on Maritime Science. Vol. 10 (2), p. 477-487
Journal article

Real-time information for operational disruption management in hinterland road transport

Per Wide
World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research. Vol. 9 (4), p. 358-375
Journal article

Improving decisions support for operational disruption management in freight transport

Per Wide
Research in Transportation Business and Management. Vol. 37
Journal article

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Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange (AEOLIX)

Per Wide Service Management and Logistics
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Gunnar Stefansson Service Management and Logistics
Linda de Vries Design and Human Factors
MariAnne Karlsson Design and Human Factors
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