Håkan Pleijel

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Policy design for the Anthropocene

Thomas Sterner, Edward B. Barbier, Ian Bateman et al
Nature Sustainability. Vol. 2 (1), p. 14-21
Journal article

Tropospheric ozone assessment report: Present-day tropospheric ozone distribution and trends relevant to vegetation

Gina Mills, Håkan Pleijel, Christopher S. Malley et al
Elementa. Vol. 6
Journal article

Ozone pollution will compromise efforts to increase global wheat production

Gina Mills, Katrina Sharps, David Simpson et al
Global Change Biology. Vol. 24 (8), p. 3560-3574
Journal article

Closing the global ozone yield gap: Quantification and cobenefits for multistress tolerance

Gina Mills, Katrina Sharps, David Simpson et al
Global Change Biology. Vol. 24 (10), p. 4869-4893
Journal article

A framework for assessing urban greenery's effects and valuing its ecosystem services

Yvonne Andersson-Sköld, Jenny Klingberg, Bengt Gunnarsson et al
Journal of Environmental Management. Vol. 205, p. 274-285
Journal article

Influence of urban vegetation on air pollution and noise exposure – A case study in Gothenburg, Sweden

Jenny Klingberg, Malin Broberg, Bo Strandberg et al
Science of the Total Environment. Vol. 599-600, p. 1728-1739
Journal article

Photochemical Smog in China: Scientific challenges and implications for air quality policies

Mattias Hallquist, John Munthe, Min Hu et al
National Science Review. Vol. 3 (4), p. 401-403
Journal article

Have ozone effects on carbon sequestration been overestimated? A new biomass response function for wheat

Håkan Pleijel, H. Danielsson, David Simpson et al
Biogeosciences. Vol. 11 (16), p. 4521-4528
Journal article

Limited effect of urban tree vegetation on NO2 and O3 concentrations near a traffic route

Maria Grundström, Håkan Pleijel
Environmental Pollution. Vol. 189, p. 73-76
Journal article

New stomatal flux-based critical levels for ozone effects on vegetation

Gina Mills, Håkan Pleijel, Sabine Braun et al
Atmospheric Environment. Vol. 45 (28), p. 5064-5068
Journal article

Ozone Exposure and Impacts on Vegetation in the Nordic and Baltic Countries

P.E. Karlsson, Håkan Pleijel, David Simpson
Ambio. Vol. 38 (8), p. 402-405
Journal article

Comparison of modelled and measured ozone concentrations and meteorology for a site in south-west Sweden: Implications for ozone uptake calculations

Jenny Klingberg, Helena Danielsson, David Simpson et al
Environmental Pollution. Vol. 155 (1), p. 99-111
Journal article

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