Design For Manufacturing – methods for improved aerospace components manufacturing

The project aims to integrate and further develop a number of methods for evaluating different aspects of manufacturability. This integration is quantified with a common metric to determine the manufacturability for a product concept, which has not previously been presented.

The expected outcome of the project is a methodology with a holistic approach that provides support for working procedures as well as tools for analysis, evaluation, visualization and decision.


Project leader: Rikard Söderberg


Geometry Assurance & Robust Design


Rikard Söderberg (contact)

Professor at Product and Production Development

Kristina Wärmefjord

Docent at Product and Production Development, Product Development


GKN Aerospace Sweden

Trollhättan, Sweden

Wingquist laboratory

Gothenburg, Sweden



Funding years 2012–2013

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Area of Advance

Sustainable Development

Chalmers Driving Force

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