Ice detection for smart de-icing of wind turbines
Research Project

The project will develop a new technique, based on acoustic waves and laser (AWL), for detection of icing on wind turbine blades. The technique combines two different methods of ice detection, thereby enabling a more efficient de-icing. A project group with members from Chalmers University of Technology, Chalmers Industrial and Wind Vector will develop theoretical models, methods and algorithms, and also build a demonstrator for an AWL-based sensor system.


Viktor Berbyuk (contact)

Professor vid Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Dynamics


Stiftelsen Chalmers Industriteknik

Gothenburg, Sweden

WindVector AB

Västra Frölunda, Sweden


Swedish Energy Agency

Funding Chalmers participation during 2013–2016 with 5,721,000.00 SEK

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