Biogas from agricultural wastes and residues – where and how much?

In the last years the number of gas-fuelled vehicles has increased rapidly in Sweden. The purpose of this project is to estimate how much upgraded biogas could be produced from manure and agricultural harvest residues in Sweden and the EU. This will be done by building a model of the technical and economic conditions for biogas production, taking the geographical distribution of biogas substrates into account. The model will have a finer resolution than in previous studies, allowing an overall techno-economical judgment of investment and operations costs for digestion and upgrading as well as transports of substrates and digestate. The result of the project will be a map of the potential for biogas production from agricultural residues and manure in Europe. A more detailed analysis will also be performed for Sweden, in collaboration with representatives from academia, government and industry.


Martin Persson (contact)

Docent at Energy and Environment, Physical Resource Theory

Göran Berndes

Docent at Energy and Environment, Physical Resource Theory

Christel Cederberg

Biträdande professor at Energy and Environment, Physical Resource Theory



Gothenburg, Sweden

Lund University

Lund, Sweden

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Boras, Sweden


Swedish Energy Agency

Funding years 2014–2015

Related Areas of Advance and Infrastructure

Sustainable Development

Chalmers Driving Force

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