Validation of a system for lifetime assessment of laser welded titanium components

This continuation project from NFFP5 has the purpose to ensure product quality of fabricated aero-engine components through the use of digital radiographic inspection of Laser welds with respect to occurrence of defects (porosity). Results from the non-destructive testing (NDT) will be correlated to indicators of structural integrity and component life. The capability and performance of the digital radiographic system will be verified and tested before taken into industrial use, and where fatigue testing will be performed on welds showing indications of chain porosities.Result and Expected EffectsIncreased product quality on Laser welded light weight Ti aerospace components through use of efficient and reliable digital radiographic inspection. Application of the developed technology in the project will lead to increased competitiveness through reduced costs and shorter lead times in production.


Håkan Wirdelius (contact)

Biträdande professor at Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Advanced Non-destructive Testing


GKN Aerospace Sweden

Trollhättan, Sweden



Funding years 2013–2016

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Materials Science

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