Vibration attenuating metamaterial (ground filter) for reduction of ground vibrations caused by blasting in quarries

The goal of the project is to do a controlled pilot study to evaluate the method of using a metamaterial (ground filter) to reduce vibrations in dwellings nearby quarries where blasting is done. The method could be useful for the trade as it may contribute to reduce the disturbance of the surroundings. It may contribute to the more positive view on quarries. Both the neighbours and the companies would benefit from the results. The method may also be used in many other contexts and trades. The ground filter is produced by drilling holes in the bedrock between the blasting zone and the dwellings that should be protected from high ground vibrations. The ground filter reflects parts of the ground wave thereby reducing the ground wave energy and ground vibrations at the dwelling. Previous practical experiments and scientific studies have shown that the method works for other materials. The method has not been tested for quarries with bedrock where large variations in material properties occur due to material composition, cracks, crack zones and tensions. Applied Acoustics contributes with estimation of the varying properties of the bedrock, design of the filter and evaluation of the filter in field


Patrik Höstmad (contact)

Docent at Civil and Environmental Engineering, Applied Acoustics

Pontus Thorsson

Projektledare at Civil and Environmental Engineering, Applied Acoustics



Hisings Backa, Sweden



Funding years 2014–2015

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