Ice Cloud Imager
Research Project , 2014 – 2016

​Sub-millimetre wavelengths offer some distinct advantages for sounding of cloud ice properties. This is basically an unused possibility to improve numerical weather prediction (NWP) and atmospheric modelling. For example, our limited understanding of ice cloud processes is a main source of uncertainty for current climate predictions. However, a dedicated satellite sensor is now planned, the Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) that will be launched as part of Europe's next generation of polar orbiting weater satellite suite (Metop-SG). The overall objective of the project is to advance the data analysis associated with sub-millimetre cloud ice observations, with a special attention to making the ICI mission as successful as possible. This effort is part of a long-term undertaking to promote the observation technique. The contributions are of general nature, and are relevant for instrument design studies, NWP and climate applications. Initially, the project focuses on the airborne prototype instrument. This International SubMillimetre Airborne Radiometer (ISMAR) is being developed by the UK Met Office and is co-funded by ESA.​​​​


Patrick Eriksson (contact)

Full Professor at Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing, Global Environmental Measurements and Modelling


European Space Agency (ESA)

Paris, France

Luleå University of Technology

Luleå, Sweden

Met Office

Exeter, United Kingdom


Norrköping, Sweden

University of Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany


Swedish National Space Board

Project ID: 142/13
Funding Chalmers participation during 2014–2016

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