Life cycle based innovation
Research Project , 2012 – 2013

Objective and Goal - Fulfillment A national research and innovation agenda based on life cycle driven innovation has been developed in collaboration with interested actors. We jointly consider innovations should be sustainable, where ecological, economical and social resources is handled throughout the entire value chain, from raw material extraction to end-of-life handling. The agenda describes how Swedish actors in a joint effort are able to increase their competitiveness through sustainable innovations and influence the rapid development to reach a sustainable society. Result and Expected Effects - Outcome The agenda work has confirmed a wide national and interdisciplinary interest in the life cycle perspective and its driving force for sustainable innovations. New perspectives has been identified on how life cycle thinking creates new sustainable solutions among companies, policy-makers and the society. Frontrunning actors and well established ways of collaboration provide Sweden with a good position to use life cycle based innovation to reach higher global competitiveness. A high level of committment of suggested activities enable a quick start when conditions are provided. Approach and Implementation - Analysis The agenda work has been lead by The Swedish Life Cycle Center (CPM). A national servey and two open dialogue meeting were held (Stockholm, Gothenburg), where participants were involved in the identifications of goals, opportunities, challenges, needs and activities. Planning and analysis were done in an operational working group with active involvement of representants from industry, academia, institutes and authorities. In addition, a reference group was used as support in the analysis and to broader the approach especially regarding communications and target groups.


Emma Rex (contact)

Chalmers, Centre for Environment and Sustainability (GMV)

Sara Palander

Chalmers, Centre for Environment and Sustainability (GMV)



Project ID: 2012-01972
Funding Chalmers participation during 2012–2013

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