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Present base engine layout has a number of built iin limitations that one try to mitigate to increase efficiency. The biggest problem is that the gas is not expanded efficiently. The trend point towards higher boost with intercooling which increase power density and reduce compression work. We will in the proposed project build and evaluate a new koncept with old building blocks. We are in the process of protecting the IP of this idea in cooperation with LTH. The efficiency potential of the concept is quite interesting according to our simulations. If proven right, this can improve the IC engine efficiency significantly. Volvo islead applicant. The PhD project will primarily be located at LTH but in close cooperation with Volvo's research engineers in the fields of combustion, gas exchange and base engine. This application is for phase 2 of this project.


Ingemar Denbratt (contact)

Professor at Applied Mechanics, Combustion


Lund University

Lund, Sweden

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Stockholm, Sweden



Funding years 2015–2019

Volvo Cars

Funding years 2015–2019

Perstorp BioProducts

Funding years 2015–2019

Lantmännen Energi

Funding years 2015–2019

Saybolt Sweden

Funding years 2015–2019

Swedish Energy Agency

Funding years 2015–2019

St1 Sverige

Funding years 2015–2019

Volvo Powertrain

Funding years 2015–2019

Scania CV AB

Funding years 2015–2019

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