Flexible process integration solutions for the pulp and paper industry

To reach high energy and resource efficiencies in the pulp and paper industry, a high degree of mass and heat integration is required. To achieve efficiency in actual operation, it is also important to have manufacturing processes that are flexible to variations in operating conditions, e.g., prices and policy instruments. This is true for the secondary heating systems, not the least. The aim of this project is to develop methods for evaluation of how flexibility and controllability are affected by increased heat integration and new process concepts in the pulping industry, and to use these to derive guidelines for design of heat exchanger networks with good operability. The project also aims to develop models for optimization of investment and operating decisions for the energy systems of the mills under the influence of variations. The project is a collaboration between Chalmers and Södra and will be carried out by a PhD student, but with a significant senior research contribution.


Simon Harvey (contact)

Professor at Energy and Environment, Energy Technology


Swedish Energy Agency

Funding years 2017–2019


Funding years 2017–2019

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