Control of wave energy converters based on wave measurements, for optimal energy absorption (WAVEMEASURE)
Research Project, 2020 – 2024

By placing three wave measuring buoys (Wave-rider buoys) in a triangle at a suitable distance from each other with a wave power buoy in the middle, the wave field between the Waverider buoys and the spread of the wave field shall be defined. This information and information about the radiating waves emitted by the wave buoy itself will form the basis for developing statistical methods for control algorithms for parameters in the wave power buoy's control system that define when the power plant is switched on and off, which pressure is to be selected at any time regarding incoming waves and when the system is to be storm-proofed due to risk of overload.


Jonas Ringsberg (contact)

Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2), Marine Technology


BlueOrbis AB

Partille, Sweden

Delacroy IT-konsult AB

Anderstorp, Sweden

Lund University

Lund, Sweden


Göteborg, Sweden

Stefan Söderberg Energi och Förvaltning AB

Mariestad, Sweden

Waves4Power AB

Västra Frölunda, Sweden


Swedish Energy Agency

Project ID: 50197-1
Funding Chalmers participation during 2020–2023

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