SuRF-LSAM: Developing Sustainable Resilient circular economy microFactories with LSAM
Research Project, 2023 – 2026

Purpose and goal
SuRF-LSAM lays the foundation for tomorrow´s global network of circular economy microfactories through the following goals: 1) implement a circular economy LSAM (large-scale additive manufacturing) microfactory concept in Portugal and Sweden, 2) increase recycling of polymer waste materials into secondary raw materials for LSAM, 3) reduce material, energy, and other resource usage through an optimized LSAM process, 4) extend the life of products and production systems through LSAM of new components, and 5) facilitate the creation of a LSAM microfactory network.

Expected results and effects
The project will have the following effects: 1) reduced transportation climate impact, 2) reduced usage of virgin polymers, 3) reduced lead times and times to market, 4) reduced production and delivery times; which will lead to an overarching improved circularity and competitiveness of Sweden´s manufacturing industry due to a) increased use of recycled waste materials in LSAM and b) implementation of a circular economy network of microfactories concept. In summary, the project will digitally transition manufacturing for a more sustainable and circular future (SDGs 9,11,12,14).


Robin Teigland (contact)

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Entrepreneurship and Strategy



Bayonne, France

Add North 3D

Ölsremma, Sweden

Brandworks AB

Bromma, Sweden

Ekbacken Studios AB

Stocksund, Sweden

Papershell AB

Tibro, Sweden

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Göteborg, Sweden

The Industry Sweden AB

Malmö, Sweden



Project ID: 2023-00866
Funding Chalmers participation during 2023–2026


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