Sintered parts with high static loading capacity - effect of tempering on deformation stability in use
Research Project, 2012 – 2013

Objective and Goal - Fulfillment The project has confirmed the hypothesis that tailoring of the tempering is a functioning means of making PM steel sustainable towards high static loading in potential automotive applications. The project has also developed further understanding about mechanisms that could be responsible for static loading sensitivity with respect to creep/relaxation at slightly elevated temperature. The results relate to sustainable manufacturing processes, the basis being that powder compaction and sintering is an energy efficient way with high raw materials utilization. Result and Expected Effects - Outcome The results have been disseminated within Volvo and Höganäs with attention and results have also been communicated at EuroPM2013. There is need for further implementation oriented research to explore materials selection further and to settle generic understanding of the addressed issue. The groups involved in the project from partners have expressed their interest in finding ways of establishing a long-term co-operation based on the findings of the project. Approach and Implementation - Analysis Project partners have been Chalmers (Materials and Manufacturing Technology), Volvo and Höganäs and the project duration has been between 2012-10-01 to 2013-09-30. The strategy has included a MSc thesis performed at Chalmers and Volvo, the development of methodology at Chalmers to creep test sintered test at slightly elevated temperature, the set up of R&D plan combining, creep tests, materials characterisation and theoretical analysis, the facilitation by Höganäs with test specimens and mechanical testing in support for the creep tests, tests at Volvo with special design set up.


Lars Nyborg (contact)

Materials and Manufacturing Technology

Eduard Hryha

Surface and Microstructure Engineering

Kumar Babu Surreddi

Surface and Microstructure Engineering

Maheswaran Vattur Sundaram

Surface and Microstructure Engineering



Höganäs, Sweden

Volvo Group

Gothenburg, Sweden



Project ID: 2012-02497
Funding Chalmers participation during 2012–2013

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