Passenger Car Crash Worthiness in Moose-Car Collisions
Paper in proceedings, 1989

This paper describes the development and verification of a moose/dummy for testing the crash worthiness of cars in moose-car accidents. The dummy is based on and verified against the results of a staged collsion in which a passenger car impacts a moose cadaver. The cadaver test is also described in the report. Moose-car accidents contribute to about 2 percent of the death casualties in the Nordic road traffic and the type is even more represented among slighter injuries. Since several attempts to reduce the frequency of moose-car accidents have provided to have minor effect improvements of the crash worthiness of passenger cars in this kind of impact might be desirable.






Per Lövsund

Department of Injury Prevention

Gert Nilson

Department of Injury Prevention

Mats Svensson

Department of Injury Prevention

Jekabs Terins

Proc Twelfth Int Techn Conf on Experimental Safety Vehicles (ESV)


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Vehicle Engineering

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