Improved Diode Geometry for Planar Heterostructure Barrier Varactors
Paper in proceeding, 1999

We report state-of-the-art performance of tripler efficiency and output power for a new design of AlGaAs-based heterostructure barrier varactor diodes. The new diodes were designed for reduced thermal resistance and series resistance. An efficiency of 4.8% and a maximum output power of 4 mW was achieved at an output frequency of 246 GHz.


frequency multiplier


Jan Stake

Department of Microelectronics

Chris M. Mann

Lars Dillner

Department of Microelectronics

Stephen H. Jones

Stein Hollung

Department of Microelectronics

Mattias Ingvarson

Department of Microelectronics

Henini Mohamed

Byron Alderman

Erik Kollberg

Department of Microelectronics

Tenth International Symposium on Space Terahertz Technology


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Other Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering

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