Point defect balance in epitaxial GaSb
Journal article, 2014

Positron annihilation spectroscopy in both conventional and coincidence Doppler broadening mode is used for studying the effect of growth conditions on the point defect balance in GaSb:Bi epitaxial layers grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Positron annihilation characteristics in GaSb are also calculated using density functional theory and compared to experimental results. We conclude that while the main positron trapping defect in bulk samples is the Ga antisite, the Ga vacancy is the most prominent trap in the samples grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The results suggest that the p–type conductivity is caused by different defects in GaSb grown with different methods.


N. Segercrantz

Aalto University

J. Slotte

Aalto University

I. Makkonen

Aalto University

J. Kujala

Aalto University

F. Tuomisto

Aalto University

Yuxin Song

Chalmers, Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2), Photonics

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shu Min Wang

Chalmers, Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2), Photonics

Applied Physics Letters

0003-6951 (ISSN) 1077-3118 (eISSN)

Vol. 105 8 art. no. 082113- 082113

Subject Categories

Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering



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