Preparing for Proof-of-concept of a Novel Propeller for Open Rotor Engines
Paper in proceeding, 2015

This article describes the development of a novel high-speed propeller concept. Large-scale propeller tests are extremely expensive and thus not appropriate at early R&D development phases. A convenient approach is to use computational methods validated by small-scale tests with propellers manufactured from low-cost materials and rapid manufacturing methods. The present paper is describing this cross validation work explaining differences between numerics and experiments. Preferred materials and manufacturing methods for high-speed future wind tunnel tests are discussed. We also discuss the progress of development of the aerodynamic design of the concept propeller.


Rickard Avellan

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics

Alexandre Capitao Patrao

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics

Anders Lundbladh

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics

Tomas Grönstedt

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics


Innovativ Framdrivning och Motorinstallation

VINNOVA (2013-01189), 2013-07-01 -- 2017-06-30.

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