Designing quality of care - contributions from parents: Parents' experiences of care processes in paediatric care and their contribution to improvements of the care process in collaboration with healthcare professionals
Journal article, 2016

The aim of this article was to explore whether current quality dimensions for health care services are sufficient to capture how parents perceive and contribute to quality of health care. BackgroundNew quality improvement initiatives that actively involve patients must be examined with a critical view on established quality dimensions to ensure that these measures support patient involvement. MethodsThis paper is based on interviews with parents participating in two experience-based co-design projects in a Swedish hospital that included qualitative content analysis of data from 12 parent interviews in paediatric care. ResultsHealth care professionals often overemphasize their own significance for value creation in care processes and underappreciate parents' ability to influence and contribute to better quality. However, quality is not based solely on how professionals accomplish their task, but is co-created by health care professionals and parents. Consequently, assessment of quality outcomes also must include parents' ability and context. ConclusionsThis paper questions current models of quality dimensions in health care, and suggests additional sub-dimensions, such as family quality and involvement quality. Relevance to clinical practiceThis paper underscores the importance of involving parents in health care improvements with health care professionals to capture as many dimensions of quality as possible.

health care

experience-based co-design

quality dimensions




service process


Susanne Gustavsson

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Service Management and Logistics

Ida Gremyr

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Service Management and Logistics

E. K. Sarenmalm

Ersta Sköndal University Collage

Skaraborg Hospital

Journal of Clinical Nursing

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Vol. 25 5-6 742-751

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