Inter-Relation Between Product Variant Codification and Assembly Work for Flexible Manufacturing in Autonomous Group
Journal article, 1995

The most socio-technically advanced assembly system designs inventible requires reformed/reconfigured information systems dealing with product data (which in turn defines the product architecture and product variation). In fact, no any such (real-life) plant or assembly system would work as anticipated otherwise. And this publication is to some extent describing some selected aspects of this (very) dilemma (changing information systems are usually not something considered than designing assembly systems) (thus are totally new plants – and in turn totally new information systems – most often the real practical change to create something unorthodox) (however, which scientist will gain such opportunities, this is really rare, i.e. the projection of the Volvo Uddevalla plant was thus an exception and the trust given by the industry – by Volvo Uddevalla project organisation – was appreciated by some of the authors).

autonomous workgroups


manufacturing technology

assembly work

alternatives to line assembly

work organisation

work structuring

materials feeding techniques

long work cycle times

alternatives to lean production

Volvo experiences

product variant codification

restructuring of information systems

learning and training



Tomas Engström

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Dan Jonsson

University of Gothenburg

Per Medbo

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Lars Medbo

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Journal of Materials Processing Technology

Vol. 52 133 - 140

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