Finns det möjligheter att integrera ergonomiska aspekter vid utformningen av produktionssystem genom ett tvär- och mångvetenskapligt samarbete?
Magazine article, 1997

This more popular publication was written during a period of time when the authors were engaged in an extensive research programme financed by the National Institute for Working Life in Solna (Cooperative for Optimisation of industrial production systems regarding Productivity and Ergonomics COPE).

musculoskeletal disorders

evaluate work and work conditions

multi- and cross-science approaches

lean production and alternatives

human manufacturing


production models


Tomas Engström

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Jan Johansson Hanse

University of Gothenburg

Lars Medbo

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Arbete Människa Miljö & Nordisk Ergonomi

Vol. 4 212 - 220

Subject Categories

Production Engineering, Human Work Science and Ergonomics

Health Sciences

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