Principer och metoder för information- och arbetsstrukturering”
Book chapter, 2001

A more popular summarisation in the Swedish language of some of the authors' research and development work. It was written on the request of the editor and partly aimed towards the audience of this particular research foundation (Vinnova).

materials feeding techniques

assembly work

long work cycle times

work structuring

restructuring of information systems

parallel product flows

small workgroups


learning and training

autonomous workgroups

alternatives to line assembly

manufacturing technology


Tomas Engström

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Lars Medbo

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Användarperspektivet. Strategier för att förstärka samspel mellan användare och utvecklare, Olsson, B (ed.), Sveriges Innovationsmyndighet, VINNOVA, Vinnova rapporter Vr 2001:18,

37 - 44

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Industrial Biotechnology

Other Engineering and Technologies not elsewhere specified

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