Three-Body Halo States in Effective Field Theory: Renormalization and Three-Body Interactions in the Helium-6 System
Journal article, 2017

In this paper we study the renormalization of Halo effective field theory applied to the Helium-6 halo nucleus seen as an alpha-neutron-neutron three-body state. We include the 0(+) dineutron channel together with both the 3/2(-) and 1/2(-) neutron-alpha channels into the field theory and study all of the six lowest-order three-body interactions that are present. Furthermore, we discuss three different prescriptions to handle the unphysical poles in the P-wave two-body sector. In the simpler field theory without the 1/2(-) channel present we find that the bound-state spectrum of the field theory is renormalized by the inclusion of a single three-body interaction. However, in the field theory with both the 3/2(-) and 1/2(-) included, the system can not be renormalized by only one three-body operator.







Chalmers, Physics, Subatomic and Plasma Physics

Christian Forssen

Chalmers, Physics, Subatomic and Plasma Physics

Lucas Platter

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

University of Tennessee

Few-Body Systems

0177-7963 (ISSN) 1432-5411 (eISSN)

Vol. 58 4 143

Ab initio approach to nuclear structure and reactions (++) (ANSR)

European Commission (EC) (EC/FP7/240603), 2009-12-01 -- 2014-11-30.

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Subatomic Physics

Physical Sciences



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