A framework for simplification of PDE-based lithium-ion battery models
Journal article, 2016

Simplified models are commonly used in battery management and control, despite their (often implicit) limitations in capturing the dynamic behavior of the battery across a wide range of operating conditions. This paper seeks to develop a framework for battery model simplification starting from an initial high-order physics-based model that will explicitly detail the assumptions underpinning the development of simplified battery models. Starting from the basis of a model capturing the electrochemical, thermal, electrical, and aging dynamics in a set of partial differential equations, a systematic approach based on singular perturbations and averaging is used to simplify the dynamics through identification of disparate timescales inherent in the problem. As a result, libraries of simplified models with interconnections based on the specified assumptions are obtained. A quantitative comparison of the simplified models relative to the original model is used to justify the model reductions. To demonstrate the utility of the framework, a set of battery charging strategies is evaluated at reduced computational effort on simplified models.

model simplification

lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery

battery models


singular perturbation


Changfu Zou

University of Melbourne

Chris Manzie

University of Melbourne

Dragan Nesic

University of Melbourne

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology

1063-6536 (ISSN) 15580865 (eISSN)

Vol. 24 5 1594-1609

Subject Categories

Computational Mathematics


Control Engineering

Other Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering



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