Simulations of Electrical Discharges in Air Using Stabilized Drift-Diffusion Model
Journal article, 2018

The implementation of a drift-diffusion model of discharges in air utilizing stabilized logarithmic finite-element formulation of governing equations is presented. The performance of the proposed method is examined in a number of numerical tests. The developed approach is verified by conducting simulations of a positive streamer in air in a needle-plane electrode system, and the results are compared with those available in the literature. Furthermore, the simulations of a nonaxially propagating double-headed discharge developing between edges of flat disk electrodes are presented and discussed.

Drift-diffusion model

electric field

space charge

gas discharge

streamer propagation


Shailendra Singh


Yuriy Serdyuk

Power grids and Components

Stanislaw Gubanski

Power grids and Components

IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science

0093-3813 (ISSN)

Vol. 46 8 3031-3039

Subject Categories

Applied Mechanics

Computational Mathematics

Vehicle Engineering



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