Synthesis and ligand substitution reactions of κ4-B,S,S',S''-ruthenaboratranes
Journal article, 2019

A range of ruthenaboratranes of the form [Ru(CO)L{κ4-B,S,S',S''-B(mt)3}] (mt = N-methylmercaptoimidazolyl) have been prepared either by substitution of the PPh3 ligand in [Ru(CO)(PPh3){κ4-B,S,S',S''-B(mt)3}] by L (L = PMe2Ph, PMe3, P(OMe)3, P(OEt)3, P(OPh)3) or reactions of [RuCl(R)(CO)Ln] (R = Ph, CH[double bond, length as m-dash]CHPh; n = 2, L = PCy3; n = 3, L = P(OMe)3, PMe2Ph) with Na[HB(mt)3].


Mark Foreman

Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Energy and Material, Nuclear Chemistry

Anthony F. Hill

Australian National University

Chenxi Ma

Australian National University

Never Tshabang

Australian National University

University of Botswana

Andrew J.P. White

Imperial College London

Dalton Transactions

1477-9226 (ISSN) 1477-9234 (eISSN)

Vol. 48 1 209-219

Subject Categories

Inorganic Chemistry

Theoretical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry





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