A vaccine combination of lipid nanoparticles and a cholera toxin adjuvant derivative greatly improves lung protection against influenza virus infection
Journal article, 2020

This is a proof-of-principle study demonstrating that the combination of a cholera toxin derived adjuvant, CTA1-DD, and lipid nanoparticles (LNP) can significantly improve the immunogenicity and protective capacity of an intranasal vaccine. We explored the self-adjuvanted universal influenza vaccine candidate, CTA1-3M2e-DD (FPM2e), linked to LNPs. We found that the combined vector greatly enhanced survival against a highly virulent PR8 strain of influenza virus as compared to when mice were immunized with FPM2e alone. The combined vaccine vector enhanced early endosomal processing and peptide presentation in dendritic cells and upregulated co-stimulation. The augmenting effect was CTA1-enzyme dependent. Whereas systemic anti-M2e antibody and CD4+ T-cell responses were comparable to those of the soluble protein, the local respiratory tract IgA and the specific Th1 and Th17 responses were strongly enhanced. Surprisingly, the lung tissue did not exhibit gross pathology upon recovery from infection and M2e-specific lung resident CD4+ T cells were threefold higher than in FPM2e-immunized mice. This study conveys optimism as to the protective ability of a combination vaccine based on LNPs and various forms of the CTA1-DD adjuvant platform, in general, and, more specifically, an important way forward to develop a universal vaccine against influenza.


V. Bernasconi

University of Gothenburg

Karin Norling

Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemical Biology

Inta Gribonika

University of Gothenburg

Li Ching Ong

University of Gothenburg

Sabina Burazerovic

Chalmers, Physics, Biological Physics

Nagma Parveen

Chalmers, Physics, Biological Physics

Karin Schön

University of Gothenburg

Anneli Stensson

University of Gothenburg

Marta Bally

Umeå University

G. Larson

University of Gothenburg

Fredrik Höök

Chalmers, Physics, Nano and Biophysics

N. Y. Lycke

University of Gothenburg

Mucosal Immunology

1933-0219 (ISSN) 1935-3456 (eISSN)

Vol. 14 2 523-536

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Immunology in the medical area

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