Accurate bulk properties of nuclei from A=2 to infinity from potentials with Delta isobars
Journal article, 2020

We optimize Delta-full nuclear interactions from chiral effective field theory. The low-energy constants of the contact potentials are constrained by two-body scattering phase shifts, and by properties of bound state of A = 2 to 4 nucleon systems and nuclear matter. The pion-nucleon couplings are taken from a Roy-Steiner analysis. The resulting interactions yield accurate binding energies and radii for a range of nuclei from A = 16 to A = 132, and provide accurate equations of state for nuclear matter and realistic symmetry energies. Selected excited states are also in agreement with data.


Weiguang Jiang

Chalmers, Physics, Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics

Andreas Ekström

Chalmers, Physics, Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics

Christian Forssén

Chalmers, Physics, Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics

G. Hagen

University of Tennessee

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

G. R. Jansen

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

T. Papenbrock

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

University of Tennessee


2469-9985 (ISSN) 2469-9993 (eISSN)

Vol. 102 5 054301

Weak and rare nuclear processes: nuclear probes of fundamental symmetries and dark matter

Swedish Research Council (VR), 2018-01-01 -- 2021-12-31.

Strong interactions for precision nuclear physics (PrecisionNuclei)

European Commission (EC), 2018-02-01 -- 2023-01-31.

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Subatomic Physics

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Theoretical Chemistry



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