Dual-Polarized Highly Folded Bowtie Antenna with Slotted Self-Grounded Structure for Sub-6 GHz 5G Applications
Journal article, 2022

In this paper, a novel dual-polarized highly-folded self-grounded Bowtie antenna that is excited through I-shaped slots is proposed for applications in sub-6GHz 5G multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) antenna systems. The antenna consists of two pairs of folded radiation petals whose base is embedded in a double layer of FR-4 substrate with a common ground-plane which is sandwiched between the two substrate layers. The ground-plane is defected with two I-shaped slots located under the radiation elements. Each pair of radiation elements are excited through a microstrip line on the top layer with RF signal that is 180° out of phase with respect to each other. The RF signal is coupled to the pair of feedlines on the top layer through the I-shaped slots from the two microstrip feedlines on the underside of the second substrate. The proposed feed mechanism gets rid of the otherwise bulky balun. The Bowtie antenna is a compact solution with dimensions of 32 32 33.8 mm3. Measured results have verified that the antenna operates over a frequency range of 3.1–5 GHz and exhibits an average gain and antenna efficiency in the vertical and horizontal polarizations of 7.5 dBi and 82.6%, respectively.

slotted self-grounded structure



Slot antennas

I-shaped slot

Phased arrays

Bowtie antenna

Antenna measurements




Broadband antennas

5G applications

sub-6 GHz


Mohammad Alibakhshikenari

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Bal Singh Virdee

London Metropolitan University

Chan Hwang See

Edinburgh Napier University

Pancham Shukla

London Metropolitan University

Sadegh Mansouri Moghaddam

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Communication, Antennas and Optical Networks

Ashraf Uz Zaman

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Communication, Antennas and Optical Networks

Samia Shafqaat

Student at Chalmers

Mobayode O. Akinsolu

Wrexham Glyndwr University

Bo Liu

University of Glasgow

Jian Yang

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Communication, Antennas and Optical Networks

Raed Abd-Alhameed

University of Bradford

Francisco Falcone

Universidad Publica de Navarra

E. Limiti

University of Rome Tor Vergata

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation

0018-926X (ISSN) 1558-2221 (eISSN)

Vol. 70 4 3028-3033

Subject Categories

Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering



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