Assessment by gas chromatography - mass spectrometry of hexenes emitted to air
Journal article, 1993

Hexenes and cyclohexenes in vapours of conventional petrol were separated by gas chromatography on an aluminium oxide column. All hexenes appear in a favourable chromatographic position between hexanes and heptanes. The seventeen isomeric acyclic hexenes were identified by mass spectra and single-ion monitoring on an ion-trap mass spectrometer. The rapidly photooxidant-forming isomers with a non-terminal double bond constitute 70% of the total amount of acyclic hexenes. The proportions of isomers in petrol vapour are similar to those in urban air and in exhaust from petrol-fuelled vehicles.


Olle Jerker Ramnäs

Department of Chemical Environmental Science

Ulf Östermark

Department of Chemical Environmental Science

Göran Petersson

Department of Chemical Environmental Science

Journal of Chromatography

Vol. 638 65-69

Subject Categories

Analytical Chemistry

Environmental Sciences

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