Effect of running-in - load and speed - on surface characteristics of honed gears
Conference contribution, 2017

The initial cycles, as in a running-in process, can influence the performance of gear. Presented here are the surface characteristics of honed spur gears, which evolved due to the combined effect of running-in load (0.9 or 1.7GPa) and speed (0.5 or 8.3m/sec). The testing is performed using an FZG test rig. Running-in effected the surface layers to a depth of 5┬Ám. High running-in load promoted plastic deformation of asperities, created microstructural changes associated with surface cracks and relaxed residual stresses. Surface phosphorus content from EP additives was also enhanced by higher running-in load. Interestingly, running-in speed promoted micropitting than load.


Dinesh Mallipeddi

Materials and manufacture

Mats Norell

Industrial and Materials Science

Mario Sosa

Lars Nyborg

Industrial and Materials Science

World Tribology Conference 2017

Subject Categories

Manufacturing, Surface and Joining Technology

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