Method and system for providing an intervening steering action for a host vehicle to avoid collision
Patent application, 2018

This function assists the driver with steering when needed, by following an escape safe zone to avoid threats around the host vehicle.

The proposed idea is an add-on to an existing evasive steering function to solve the collision by steering problem. It can however be used alone also. 

The function will apply a steering torque request when a collision threat is present, but doesn’t require that the driver has initiated the steering manoeuvre. The function is thereby a step towards automated steering avoidance manoeuvres.

The steering torque amplitude should be low and smooth. The applied torque will pretension the steering system so it will respond quicker when driver applies steering. Another effect is that vehicle slowly will drift laterally in the intended direction. The torque amplitude should not exceed a level where the driver has difficulties to notice and override the torque; and should not result in an over-reaction of panic driver steering against the opposite direction. The total yaw angle from the funcytion is typically low.


Mats Jonasson

Volvo Cars

Derong Yang

Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars


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