One Block on Top of the Other: Using Minetest to Teach Scrum
Paper in proceeding, 2022

Teaching Scrum using Lego has been an established teaching technique for years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced teachers all over the globe to rethink this valuable teaching tool. In this experience report, we show how we transferred our version of a Lego Scrum workshop into the world of Minetest, an open-source variant of Minecraft. We detail our reasoning, the concrete technical and pedagogical challenges, as well as experiences and reflections from the students, us as teachers, our peers, and theoretical frameworks. Finally, we share our materials to enable other teachers to use this new tool.

• Social and professional topics ? Adult education.

• Software and its engineering ? Agile software development;


Jan-Philipp Steghöfer

University of Gothenburg

Håkan Burden

Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Physical Resource Theory

Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering

02705257 (ISSN)

9781665495929 (ISBN)

44th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering: Software Engineering Education and Training, ICSE-SEET 2022
Pittsburgh, USA,

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