Forskningsprojekt , 2013

The overall aim of HELCOM ALIENS 3 project ("Test, further development and operationalization of the HELCOM biological survey protocols and A-4 risk assessments in the Baltic Sea") was to provide the HELCOM Contracting Parties with the possibility to test the regionally harmonized A4 process before the entry into force of the BWMC. For that purpose the project tested, further developed and operationalized the harmonized system for granting exemptions (according to Regulation A-4) to any requirements to apply regulation B-3 (Ballast Water Management for Ships) or C-1 (Additional Measures to those on Section B of the Convention) of the BWMC in intra-Baltic traffic, developed within the HELCOM ALIENS 2 project. The project also supported the work of the HELCOM-OSPAR Task Group for Ballast Water Management Convention Exemptions (HELCOM-OSPAR TG BALLAST), which further developed and adapted the outcome of the HELCOM ALIENS 2 project for the combined North Sea-Baltic region.


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