Reliability characterisation of bi-modal high temperature stable Isotropic Conductive Adhesives
Paper i proceeding, 2010

Conductive adhesives are generally considered to be one of the strongest candidates for replacement of solder in electronics industry. However, some problems related to the performance have so far limited wider applications of conductive adhesives. One of the major problems is tendency to degrade during temperature and humidity aging. In this paper, two kinds of Isotropic Conductive Adhesives (ICA) with high temperature stable matrix and different fillers were fabricated. The first one was fabricated by simply adding silver flakes into matrix as filler using this high temperature stable matrix based on highly cross-linked aromatic functional groups. For the second one, in addition to silver flakes, nanosilver particles with different weight percentages were also added as filler into matrix to form a bi-modal ICA. The weight percentages of nano-silver particles in filler are 1wt%, 2wt% and 3wt% respectively. The filler content of these two ICAs are both 75wt% in total. All test samples were cured at 150°for 1 hour. The random distribution of the silver flakes in the adhesive was observed by SEM. The bulk resistivity of the ICAs with different fillers was investigated to characterize the electrical conductivity of the ICA. The results show that addition of small amount of nano-silver particles improve the electric conductivity of the ICA but the excessive amount of nano-silver particles led to the increase of the ICA's bulk resistivity. The humidity (85°/85RH) test was carried out and the resistances of the samples were measured. It was shown that some electrical resistance increase was observed during the humidity testing with time. The addition of the nano-particles has also some negative effect of the electrical resistance change. But the effect is limited in a few percentage range of the nano-particle addition.


W. Tao

S. Chen

X. Liu

H. Cui

T. Chen

Proceedings - 2010 11th International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology and High Density Packaging, ICEPT-HDP 2010, Xian, 16-19 August 2010

Article number 5582437 225-228
978-142448142-2 (ISBN)







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