High-Tc voltage amplifier based on single flux quantum processing and operating up to 77 K
Paper i proceeding, 1995

A voltage amplifier based on single flux quantum processing is fabricated using only a single layer of YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO) film deposited on a LaAlO3 substrate. Josephson step edge junctions are formed on two steps and show a reasonable spread of parameters. The maximal output voltage of the amplifier is defined by the IcRn product of the junctions and was 0.8 mV at 10 K and 16 V at 77 K. The circuit allows improved SQUID performance and can be used as an rf amplifier

radiofrequency amplifiers


yttrium compounds

superconducting thin films

barium compounds

high-temperature superconductors

superconducting junction devices


V. Kaplunenko

Institutionen för fysik

Huai-ren Yi

Institutionen för fysik

Bengt Nilsson

Institutionen för fysik

Tord Claeson

Institutionen för fysik

E. Wikborg

Institutionen för fysik

Applied Superconductivity 1995. Proceedings of EUCAS 1995, the Second European Conference on Applied Superconductivity

Vol. 2 1657-1660
0750303484 (ISBN)


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